More Aurora and Salem Airspace Updates

Written by Tony Dennis on . Posted in Announcements


There are a lot of airspace changes going on and much of it without being published in the standard way that we as pilots are used to – i.e., on a sectional or on our downloaded charts.

First, Aurora.  We understand that Aurora's Class D airspace will be effective on October 15th and no it won't be on your charts until December.  Tower will be 120.35 and Ground will be 119.15.  We still believe that the Tower will monitor 122.70 for 6 months.  Stay tuned for more up to date info.  See the following chart:

Aurora State Airspace Eff Oct 15, 2015 Sect

Next, Salem.  This is in the A/FD, but not on the charts yet and may be changed based on comments.  However, it is in effect NOW!


Here is what Mary Rosenblum wrote about this:

You can fly in the white arc without talking to the Salem Tower as long as the ATIS (124.55) is VFR. If the field is IFR, the white arc goes back to being regular Delta and you must contact the tower before entering it.
Confused yet?  You and a whole bunch of pilots.
This rapid alteration of airspace without any effort being made to let pilots know, with no NOTAM issued to warn pilots, has created a significant safety issue, particularly since Salem has NO radar and cannot monitor safe separation in the expanded airspace.  Feel free to mention that in your comments.

Bottom line – pay attention to both these areas.  Better to check everything out before you fly into these areas.

Remember that we are getting this info out to you to help you in your planning, but as pilot in command you are responsible for your own planning.  The info we have could be wrong or could change.  But you are forewarned.  We will try to cover the most recent knowledge we have at our Thursday night meetings – another reason to come to our meetings.

See you at the Club.

Kevin Padrick, President 2015