You are invited to our Fall Social!

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Join us as we celebrate fall and the oldest fast food!

We have special finger sized or Nuremberger Brats, roasted chickens, and Hofbrau Beer!  We have special music by Club member Casey Rucker on the accordion! We also have the best group of folks to talk over the beautiful flying weather we have been having. 


The oldest restaurant in Regensburg, and the "best bratwurst in the world"

Regensburg Historische WurstkuchlOriginally the historical Wurstkuchl was a small building attached to the city wall which during the construction of the Old Stone Bridge between 1135 and 1146 was used as a building office. Once the bridge was finished – in those days celebrated as the eighth wonder of the world – the office was closed and the small building became the "Garküche auf dem Kranchen", a kitchen providing slow-simmered meals for crane workers. The kitchen´s customers were dockers and builders hence the name "Kranchen" a former word for crane. There were plenty of dockers in those days as the wealthy tra-ding patricians of the free city of Regensburg used the port intensively for centuries as place of trans-shipment for goods from all over the world. The hungry workers however mainly came from the building site of the Regensburg cathedral.  [READ MORE]

Bratwursthäusle bei St. Sebald

bratwursthaeusle Since 1313, the original Nuremberg sausages are grilled on beechwood fire in the shadow of St. Sebald.  From their website:

In the historical tradition Bratwursthäusle has its own butcher's shop in the house, in our specialty is freshly prepared each day.

We use only regional products from our long-standing supplier to meet our high demands on the quality requirements. Therefore finished products are taboo for us.

On our 2 terraces you can enjoy in historic surroundings overlooking the Sebalduskirche, City Hall and the main market Original Nuremberg sausages and a freshly tapped beer Tucher.

In the restaurant the sausages are cooked on an open beechwood. As Albrecht Dürer get the delicacies served on pewter plates and always freshly grilled.

No gas or charcoal fire, but at least 3 years seasoned beech logs give our sausages that little bit extra, which are grilled lovingly hand.


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