2020 Saturday Fly-outs

Mike Hammond

**Temporarily suspended through May 30, 2020**

We will meet around 8:45 am at the Gulf hanger, #G3 (the long white one)  just N.E. of the Aurora control tower, for an 9:00 am departure.
We usually have extra seats available in a variety of aircraft, and will try to accommodate everyone that doesn’t have a plane available. Wive’s, S/O’s, girlfriend’s, boyfriend’s, family, all are welcome! 
Should the weather be bad or below minimums, we will still meet up at the airport and drive to a local restaurant, talk about where we might like to go on the following Saturday.
Many thanks to all who have contributed additional airport info, so we will have a large variety of Saturday breakfast flyout locations.
We will inform you of the destination on Friday, via email.