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Bob Altemus bio

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CAA new member bio by Jake Jacobs  2016

Bob Altemus

An active duty military pilot can get writer’s cramp updating logbooks, and Bob’s penmanship recorded 4,300 hours as a Marine and Naval aviator during 21 years of service.

From an early age Bob was interested in the military and he had always wanted to fly helicopters. He was tempted to enlist during Vietnam but his mother pointed him toward college.  Sometimes parents know best.  He graduated from San Jose State University with a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics and an A & P License.  During college, while doing the due diligence of pumping gas at the local airfields, he earned his Private and Instrument ratings at the horrendous cost of $24 an hour in a Cessna 172 and later on addedan ATP.

His dreams of military and flying were realized in 1982 with flight training in Pensacola as a Marine Corps Officer Candidate.  After receiving his wings in August of 1984, he selected CH-53E Super Stallions and was soon on his way to MCAS Tustin in Orange County, California.  Following 4 years with the HMH-465 ‘Warhorses’, and 2 West Pac deployments, he transferred to the US Navy as a CH-53E pilot.

During his14 years with the Navy, Lieutenant Altemus (Alto) served in 2 helo squadrons, a ship’s company tour, 3 years in the Pentagon and retired as the Operations Officer of NAS Sigonella in Sicily, Italy.   His final tour gave him the opportunity to fly the C-26 Metroliner III  hroughout the Mediterranean and parts of Europe.

In 2003 Bob retired from the service and moved to West Linn with his wife and their 3 children, Justin and twins Clara and Sean.  Civilian life started with a part time job at Aero Air in their FW EMS operations at HIO and then full time at Flightcraft PDX. 

He did a year and a half stint with the Oregon Department of Aviation but missed flying and went on to Horizon Air as a Q400 First Officer in 2008. Then came a bad economy and a furlough.  In 2009 Bob joined the Port of Portland Airport Operations division.

Next flight?  Probably some recreational VFR.  Leave aerial combat to others.

Bob was sponsored for CAA by Gerry Tunstall along with co-sponsors Tony Carson and Kevin Padrick.

Welcome to CAA Bob Altemus !