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2017 Christmas Auction

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Auction Brochure 2017

This is the second of six weekly emails leading up to our Christmas Auction hi-liting specific donations made by our CAA members to the 2017 CAA Christmas Auction.

We want to make sure each and every CAA member attending our Christmas auction is well aware of the really nice donations that have been made and will be up for bid.


Two donations fit the category of  “Engine” related.


  1. The first of these is a donation from Jack “Smilin’ Jack” Kahle.

Custom Vintage Minibike, Restored.  If you were at our last Thursday meeting then you enjoyed Bob Stark mo-tating through the dinner crowd, horn honking.  This minibike comes complete with Airspeed indicator from a jet!  Pin striping to accent its fire engine red paint, horn and a Briggs & Stratton engine.  It is truly one of a kind.


  1. Our second donation is from club member Bob Stark of Starks Twin Oaks Airport.

100 gallons of Avgas.  Bob and family operate a very busy airport just West of Hillsboro.  They offer hangar rentals, mechanic services and space for the local EAA chapter to meet.  Additionally the EAA chapter holds a flyin breakfast once a month that is very enjoyable and brings in a crowd.

CAA club functions have also been held at Stark’s Twin Oaks.

Bob requests the Avgas be used within 1 year of the auction. 


Auction Committee

Scott Gustafson, chair

Tim Gadler

Bill Sheridan

Bob Stark

ICAO Flight Plan References

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From Kevin Padrick's talk on 20 April 2017, some of the references for correctly filling out an ICAO Flight Plan.

Garmin_ICAO_Flight_Plan_Information (xlsx)

instructions-7233-4 (FAA FAR/AIM draft)

If anyone else has any additional favorite references that they think would be useful, please forward them to

CAA Christmas Party Auction Dinners for 2016

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Name   # for Dinner   Date   Meal   Location
Gary & Nancy Manchester   4       Prim  Rib   Their Condo
Bob & Betty Stark   8   Summer   Baby Back Rib   Their Home
Kevin & Karen Padrick   6   22-Apr   Karen's Sukiyaki Dinner 5:30   Their Home LO
John & Kathy Finklea   6       Indian Roasted Salmon   Their Home
Tony & Lisa Dennis   8       International   Their Home
Dean & Mag Myers   6       Beef Wellington   Their Home
 Starkman, Smith, Mottau   12       Lobster    Smith Home
Clee & Connie Lloyd   4           Their Home
Steve & Anita Kaplan   4   6-Aug   Summer Faire   Their Home
Tim & Kathy Gadler   6   11-Mar   6 Course French Dinner & Wine   Their Home LO
Steve & Jerrie Groman   12   Mid July   Smokehouse BBQ   Their Home LO
            Succulent smoked meats with homemade fixin's