Blown Tire, Closed Airport, What to do? Tim Warren, Travis Brandt & Rob Spitzer – AOPA will lead the discussion !!!

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September 27, 2018 @ 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Dinner: $12 per person


What happens when you get a flat tire on the runway??

What should I do First….Second…..Third?

Runway Clear, NTSB, Repair, Insurance……the list goes on. 

Since this may only happen to us once in our flying career, we have 3 guys with real life stories to bring this problem to life  Tim Warren and Travis Brandt…..a real treat. 

PLUS, Rob Spitzer, is an Independent Aviation Attorney and Expert Witness specializing in aviation regulatory compliance and litigation and also an AOPA advocate who can help us with further insight into the smart way to approach these topics.  A lively discussion is sure to follow.  

Please join us for this practical and fun event.  

Don’t forget, it is beer and burgers night with food rolling off the grill starting at 6:00  PM. Come early !!

Note: Food will be served starting at 6 PM