“(Im)possible Turn”- Engine Failure on Takeoff

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August 23, 2018 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
CAA Clubhouse
John Noordwijk
‭(503) 701-6666‬

The (Im)possible turn.

 Yes, John Noordwijk has been in this situation, asking himself “Can I make it back to the field?”  His years of flying experience and training allowed him to take the correct action quickly.  Many year ago, departing from Sportsman airport in a Piper Archer the engine started to sputter at 1,200 Ft. AGL.  It was a mechanical failure and some valves stuck in two cylinders.  John landed safely, although a little fast.  

John will also present the Joseph T. Nall accident report and specifically review accidents associated with take offs and landings. The (im)possible turn needs to be made because of engine failures during take off. Some are mechanical engine failures but many are pilot errors such as fuel starvation (leaning before take off or carburator icing). We then will review the potential mistakes how to avoid the (im)possible return. Furthermore we will then focus how to simulate the (im)possible return and have an altitude in your head when or not to do it, both VFR and IFR. Good practice during a BFR. 

John will share these details so we can all benefit from his experience.