Jim Bourke – Freestyle Aerobatics

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February 8, 2018 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
CAA Clubhouse
14323 Stenbock Way NE
Aurora, OR 97002
Greg Drew

About the Pilot – Jim Bourke
Jim’s aviation interests go back to his childhood. He loved airshows as a kid and earned his pilot’s license as a teenager. He is an avid enthusiast of radio controlled models and drones. He has appeared on the Discovery channel and has made many media appearances related to aerobatics, aviation, and radio control.

Jim is a small-business owner living in Corvallis, Oregon. His company Knife Edge Software makes simulation products including the popular RealFlight simulator. Jim also created RCGroups.com, the world’s largest website for enthusiasts of radio controlled aircraft.

As a competitive aerobatic pilot Jim flies at the highest level, the Unlimited category. He is the most active competitor in the country, averaging 10 contests per year from Washington to Florida. Known for his aggressive style Jim is a top-ranked freestyle pilot and a nationally qualified aerobatic judge.

In 2017 Jim was on the Unlimited US Aerobatic Team which competed in the World Aerobatic Championships in Malelane, South Africa in September. The US Unlimited Aerobatic Team team selection is held at the US National Aerobatic Championships. Only the top 8 pilots were chosen and Jim took third place in team selection.

Jim’s show is a high energy display of the capabilities of the Extra 330SC featuring a complete repertoire of aerobatic maneuvers from precision flight to gyroscopic tumbling.atic maneuvers from precision flight to gyroscopic tumbling.

Special thanks to Kevin Padrick for sponsoring Jim Bourke and also inviting the IAC77 Club to join us on this exciting evening.