Major Charly Bretana-F4 Air-to-Air Combat was

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March 23, 2017 @ 5:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Major Charly Bretana-F4 Air-to-Air Combat Tactics

Charly will talk about Military Short Range Basic Fighter Maneuvers which are techniques to move an aircraft from one position and flight path in space to another position and flight path most efficiently. 

These maneuvers are generally used when within one turn circle (one turning diameter) from another aircraft (2000-6000 feet away).  The same maneuvers are also applicable to maneuvering relative to a ground point, like a bombing or strafing target or a dedired runway touchdown point.

He may also mention Long range, Defensive and Tactical fighter maneuvering. 

Major Bretana in his airborne Lieutenant days 

After a hiatus of 25 years since leaving the military he has begun flying again, just completed his CFI and is working on IFR currency.  Welcome to GA !   Maneuvering with us is fine but don't shoot!

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